Albany RR3000 ISO


The Albany RR3000 ISO combines the superior thermal performance of a sectional door with the fast speeds and operational efficiency of a high performance door. This next generation, hybrid solution from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems opens and closes with maximum speed and minimum energy loss.

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Thermal Insulation
50mm thick insulated door panel. Minimal heat loss. No condensation. Outstanding U-Value.

  • Clean Design
    Side frames and covers feature clean design.
  • Fast Speeds
    Opening speeds of up to 2.1m/s helps maintain thermal performance while improving the flow of traffic.

For distributors, logistic centers, public facility warehouses, general manufactures and much more – the Albany RR3000 ISO can be suited for highly specific and complex business requirements. The thick thermal insulated door panel keeps indoor conditions stable and outdoor weather where it belongs. Plus, it’s attractive, modern design can enhance a building’s facade.


Sustainable Solution for Energy Savings

Large, energy-hungry facilities face difficult environmental challenges. Entrance automation is the first step to controlling excessive energy usage and improving building performance and efficiency. The 50mm thick, thermal insulated door panel on the Albany RR3000 ISO features a thermal break within each door slat, ensuring minimal heat flow from inside to outside. This design guarantees optimal thermal performance, with minimal heat loss and no condensation. Improved sealing around the perimeter of the door limits air leakage and helps support an increased U-Value. The Albany RR3000 ISO can optimize the energy-performance of any building and help you meet your sustainability goals.


All Weather Design for All Day Operation

The Albany RR3000 ISO has a seamless construction with no hinges, brackets or rollers for continuous usage and smooth operations all day, every day. The door panel is designed to prevent the slats from touching one another as the door rolls up and down. This makes the Albany RR3000 ISO incredibly quiet, durable and less sensitive to wear and tear.

These smart design elements also make the Albany RR3000 ISO simple to maintain. In high traffic areas, doors face the risk of being impacted. If the Albany RR3000 ISO is hit, the damaged slat can be easily removed and replaced in minutes, while the door remains operational and business keeps flowing.


Side frames
Made out of galvanized steel profiles. A patented channeled area avoids critical wear of the lamella ends and smoothens the door run.

Door curtain
Consists of highly thermally insulated sandwich lamellas consisting of foam (thickness 50 mm) covered by metal sheet trays in silver (RAL 9006). A doubled sealing system links the lamellas ensuring excellent wind and water tightness and a smooth run of the door. Optionally lamellas with shockproof Polycarbonate panels can be integrated in the door blade. The clear window entail the entire door width with a transparency of 65%. Thanks for their individual suspension from the rubber belt, each slat can be replaced individually, rapidly and easily.

Contactless Winding
The innovative Disc Drive technology used in the Albany RR300 ISO supports the door curtain movement thereby ensuring a long service life. The slats are wound onto windling discs without contact. Using this technology, dthe door can be opened and closed very quickly and with no wear.

Control system
Albany MCC, with vector control technology and boost function at start-up. Graphic display and foil keypad for easy guided operation. Easy access to all important information for operation and service.

Experience the new Albany RR3000 ISO >>

Product Features

Opening Speed Up to 2,1 m per second
Closing Speed Up to 0,7 m per second
Door Dimensions
Max Width 7000 mm
Max Height 6000 mm
Min Width 1250 mm
Min Height 2500 mm
Safety Features
Light Curtain Standard
Egress Break Release Option
Wind Resistance
Wind Resistance Class 2-3 (EN 12424)
DW ≤ 5000 mm: class 3;
DW > 5000 mm: class 2
Door Panel
Heat transfer door blade / curtain without window: 0.9 W/m2K
Coefficiency Complete door (4 x 4m): 1.5 W/m2K
Temperature range -20°C to +40°C (mounting side)
Door Components
Curtain Slats insulated sandwiched slats (50 mm) with thermally separated metal sheet trays RAL 9006
Window Slats Optional, framed with anodized aluminum
Side Frames Standard galvanized steel side frames,
RAL powder coated optional
Top and Drive Cover Aluminum
RAL powder coated optional
Control and Drive System
Albany MCC Standard, Variable frequency drive with soft start / soft stop and absolute encoder
Motor Power 1,1 KW
Protection IP 55
Mains Connection 3L/(N)/PE 380/400/415/440/480 V, 50/60 Hz2

We offer various options and actuation devices


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Albany RR3000 ISO

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Techical Datasheets

Albany RR3000 ISO

Albany RR3000 ISO (.pdf, 646 kB)

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